Product Designer




hi there! 

I'm Sarah — a developer turned product designer who is constantly driven by curiosity, creativity, and passions for people, design, and technology. 


the Product Designer  

My desire to help people instilled in me a user-centered mindset, placing design and user experience at the forefront of everything I do. Equipped with the perspective of both an engineer and designer, I love being able to tie things together; figuring out how to connect and weave user needs and insights through each stage of the design process and transforming complex problems into elegant, easy-to-use products and experiences that resonate with people. 


the Photographer  — 

My curiosity and creativity may have best manifested itself in my passion for photography. The core of photography is the ability to observe. To see things. And further, to understand them. It has given me a lens into the world of human behavior; understanding the passion and honest emotions of others and driving me to always put people at the focus.

the Developer  —

My love for technology paired with my penchant for problem-solving originally led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in computer science and introduced me to the industry as a software developer. I've transitioned away from this role, but the experience and education has provided me with a deep understanding of technical capabilities and limitations making me a better designer. 


When I'm not working, I'm spending most of my time hiking the wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest — camera in hand, of course. If I'm not doing that, you can likely find me checking out the local music scene, biking along the Burke-Gilman, planning out my next travel adventure, or just singing along to Broadway musicals in my apartment with my cat. 

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