Product Designer
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Personal Projects


The following are some personal projects that I have created in the past year with objectives varying from learning new skills, practicing old ones, experimenting with new techniques, creating something that I find valuable, or just for fun.


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TuneHop is an application that goes into your account history and returns all the songs that you listened to on this day for the past ten years. 

This project was created out of a simple personal desire to rediscover music that I listened to years ago. For the past decade, I have connected the web service to all my music streaming accounts. Meaning, I now have an extensive database of every song I've played over the past ten years all just one API call away. 

In addition to creating an application I use on an almost daily basis, this project also gave me an opportunity to practice working with web APIs and experiment with new web design and development techniques.



  • Web API
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Animation
  • "Fluent" Web Design techniques